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Your reputable choice for commercial and home products with a large inventory and global reach.  We will ship your products and parts to any US Government destination "ship-to" address.  Batkechro International is your one stop shop for most of your post needs, so feel free to contact our friendly sales representatives with your RFQs today and you will be glad you did.

BII is in business to serve customers in the desired way with reliable products and services in a variety of industrial and domestic applications, which includes the following: Maintenance and Auto parts, Computer IT Hardware and software, Domestic Furniture and Hospitality kits, and that is just to mention but a few things BII can do for you, so try us today and let us serve you the desired way!
  Contact Information:
  • Batkechro International Inc:

3, Severance Circle, P.O. Box 181268, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118-7268, USA

  • Phone:

(440) 232-9794

  • Fax:

(440) 232-9795

  • E-mail:

BII is a registered US CCR Contractor and Accepts U.S. Government purchase order with a 30-day direct deposit payment or U.S. Government Credit Card.

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3 Severance Circle, PO Box 181268, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118-7268, USA
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